Online live classes and 1-1’s

Virtual classes from the comfort of your own home. Join live classes and then replay again on catch up. Have 1-1 mat...

Pilates Mat Classes

Weekly classes are available in blocks of 5-7 weeks at a time following school terms to encourage development. Class numbers are kept to...

Yoga Classes

Yoga with Bunny classes are held in Andover and Whitchurch, Hampshire.  Yoga is a way to connect and to gain control of the mind....

Pilates Large Equipment

The sessions are run from my home studio based in Andover. The studio contains 3 Reformers, 1 Cadillac, 2 half Cadillacs, 1...

About Bunny

Pilates and Yoga with Bunny Welcome to Pilates and Yoga with Bunny Pilates and Hatha Yoga classes in Andover, Hampshire and Whitchurch, Hampshire. Owner of Pilates Large Apparatus Home Studio. Pilates and Yoga are a great way to improve strength, suppleness, wellbeing, endurance, correct posture and help prevent back pain, and strengthen the Core and Pelvic Floor. The Pilates Large Apparatus supports the body and offers great stability and resistance work whilst building strength and creating flexible strong bodies. About Bunny: Desk bound for many years being a Graphic Designer made my body not work correctly. Tight hip flexors, weak Glutes etc etc and then hammering lots of sports with bad posture didn't work well. Having suffered a series of sports related injuries Pilates helped me to bring my body back to balance and made me passionate about this form of controlled exercise. Spending many years putting a lot of pressure onto my body with lots of impact classes and running made Pilates...

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Contact and Book

The hardest part of any exercise is making that first enquiry and making the choice to start or re-visit Pilates or Yoga.
Contact via email or social media. I look forward to speaking to you and I am always happy to chat. I get very busy teaching and often not able to answer my calls so email or text is always best.


Booking your Pilates or Yoga class is simple – email or contact Bunny on social media to see availability. All classes are pre-book only. The classes follow the School term and you can join during any time during the term (space according). For Large Equipment classes a 1-1 needs to be carried out before you can join a class – book this in plenty of time before you wish to start so when a place becomes available for your level you can be notified.

I look forward to hearing from you and building your strength together.

Yoga with Bunny

For the current timetable please see the timetable section on Facebook page.

Classes for:

  • Pilates Mat
  • Pilates Large Equipment
  • Yoga
  • 1-1 or group classes
  • Virtual classes live and play again
  • Over 50’s
  • Post Natal 1-1 Programme
  • Post Natal Private Programme

Class venues:

  • Andover, Hampshire
  • Whitchurch, Hampshire

Information on venues – click here.

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