Leggings reviews from a Pilates and Yoga Teacher

Honest reviews from me. I live in leggings due to my job and have bought many many pairs over the years. Some I love and some are not so great and ended up in the charity shop pile quite quickly. Below you will find my reviews of which ones work for me for different activities. I am scoring them between 1-10 with 10 being the highest. Each one will have the Squat test and the Reformer Leg Circle test to see if they are see through.  For reference my body size is a 10 which is mainly a medium size (occasionally 8/small depending on brand). My height is 5’5″. 

Adidas Leggings review

ADIDAS Capri Leggings - rating 10

These leggings are old, they have served me VERY well. In fact one of my favourite pairs. Really comfortable and light material but fit well and don't fall down. Squat test and Reformer Leg Circles test is they are not see-through. Probably owned these in the region of 6-7 years and worn every week. No bobbling or thin patches. LOVE them and wish I could fine another pair.

NEXT leggings review
NEXT leggings review

NEXT Leggings review - rating 9

Another pair of my favourites. These are lovely quality leggings, I have two pairs one in Burgundy and one in Navy. They are high wasted and have a great little motivational quote on the inside of the waistband. Down by the ankle they have a black mesh triangle for interest. The material is ribbed and quite thick. They stay up and pass the squat and reformer Leg circles test. The rating for these is a 9 as although they are in my favourite list the knees get a few wrinkles (minor as not much but just stops it from being a 10). All my leggings and gym wear that has been bought from NEXT is a good price and been worn and lasts well. I have bought several items from them. Definitely recommended.

Tikiboo Leggings - rating 7

Christmas 2019 my lovely clients from one of my Pilates classes clubbed together and bought me these as a gift. Now although this colour wouldn't of been my first choice I really love the pattern and colour and so pleased I own them and they picked this colour as I wear them weekly. The quality is good, the hold is good on the legs, no knobbly knees. The reason for giving them a 7 is the waist band, as where the seam is it makes the muffin tops stick out rather than get hugged in. So my preference would be a higher line. The waist band is high which is good and it does have an elastic tie inside which is a good way to stop them falling down. They do stay up well and pass the squat and leg circle test for being see-through. My legs are quite short and they are a bit long on me although this is minor. Overall I love them. Good quality and despite feeling quite thin they have lasted well and washed very well. No bobbles. They also have a zip pocket on the lower back. I would definitely buy these again.

Lidl Leggings review
Pilates Reformer Andover

LIDL Leggings review - rating 8

For £8.99 these are my win win leggings. Teaching online I need bright clothes so my limbs can be easily seen with contrasting backgrounds. I saw these and took a gamble. They wash well, hold well, a good fit, great colour vibrancy. BUT they are see-through which is why they have been given an 8. To be honest through for the price they are a great buy and perfect for what I bought them for. As long as I wear light coloured knickers then you can't see them. LIDL stock items as and when so you never know when gym wear will be in, usually just after Christmas is a given and again around September time. Also bought several sports bras, tops and running jacket from them in the past and all been great quality at very cheap prices.