Leggings reviews from Pilates and Yoga Teacher

Leggings reviews from a Pilates and Yoga Teacher Honest reviews from me. I live in leggings due to my job and have bought many many pairs over the years. Some I love and some are not so great and ended up in the charity shop pile quite quickly. Below you will find my reviews of […]

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The impact of stress and injuries

The breath is so important to stay injury free We have all heard about the impact of stress on our bodies and how people injure themselves ‘just’ reaching for something, their back goes into spasm or they hurt their shoulder reaching for the seatbelt in the car. I often see people getting injured more at […]

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Are you competitive?

The last 12 month have been a crazy journey for myself as a Yoga and Pilates teacher. Having completely changed from in studio classes to zoom was a rollercoaster – at the beginning of 2020 hardly anyone had heard of zoom unless you work in the corporate world. There really are many benefits to online […]

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Reformer studio Andover Hampshire


Pilates Large Equipment classes / 1-1 / Pilates / Yoga / Andover Home Studio / Virtual classes and 1-1 Pilates and Yoga classes taught in Andover and Whitchurch, Hampshire. Home Studio Andover Pilates Reformer Large Equipment classes and 1-1 sessions in fully equipped home studio based in Andover, Hampshire. 3 reformers 2 half calillacs 1 […]

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It is important to hear client comments about my Pilates and Yoga classes and here is your chance to read some testimonials and comments about ‘Pilates and Yoga with Bunny’. You can read more reviews on the facebook page as well. “Why I love the Pilates Reformer People talk about someone ‘letting themselves go’, and that was […]

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Tree Colour - Yoga. Pilates & Yoga with Bunny, Andover, Hampshire.

About Bunny

Welcome to Pilates and Yoga with Bunny Pilates and Hatha Yoga classes in Andover, Hampshire and Whitchurch, Hampshire. Owner of Pilates Large Apparatus Home Studio. Pilates and Yoga are a great way to improve strength, suppleness, wellbeing, endurance, correct posture and help prevent back pain, and strengthen the Core and Pelvic Floor. The Pilates Large Apparatus supports […]

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Pilates or Yoga?

As a Pilates and Yoga teacher I often get asked which discipline I prefer. My answer is always the same – “There are benefits to both and I practice both each week”. Both are beneficial in many different ways and help in different aspects of body and mind. Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates System called […]

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Zoom Virtual Yoga Classes. Pilates & Yoga with Bunny, Andover, Hampshire.

Virtual Sessions

I love how I can exercise to my full potential without leaving my home Virtual classes from the comfort of your own home. Link with your teacher virtually. See and experience live classes, you can see and chat with each other and all other participants. Don’t let distance be an issue. It can be hard […]

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You Tube Channel

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About Yoga - Andover. Pilates & Yoga with Bunny, Andover, Hampshire.

About Yoga

What is HATHA Yoga The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, which means to merge, join or unit. Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit. Knowing oneself, the functions of the body and the ability to look at life evenly is part of living Yogic life. Yoga is not just […]

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