Pilates and Yoga Classes / In person / Live online & On Demand

Yoga LIvestreamed and on Demand with Bunny

Yoga and Pilates classes from the comfort of your own home. Join livestreamed classes and then replay again and again on demand with full access to a huge library of live class videos. 

It can be hard to motivate yourself and booking into a live virtual class with the same people each week is not only a social experience but an appointment you are more likely to keep than exercising alone. As well as joining live classes you receive access to pre-recorded classes to play on demand for your convenience when you wish.

Yoga Livestream and On Demand

Livestream classes will keep you moving mobile and strong. With a whole range of different types of short classes to choose from you will never be short of something to do before bed or in your lunchtime to move and stretch. Meditations, strength, yin, flow, hatha, Each practice is different. Mainly short 30 minute sessions to fit in with your day. Access to full on demand library. 
Current timetable for livestream:Tue & Fri 7.30-8amEnjoy extra ad hoc sessions per week, different every week. 

  • £25 per month for all live and on demand classes
  • £35 per month to include pilates on demand access
Pilates Live Streamed and On Demand

Pilates Livestream and On Demand

 Link with your teacher virtually. You can see and chat with each other in classes and all other participants.You get your own booked class per week so numbers stay low. Personal cues on form exactly like we would in studio classes. From the comfort of your home without the commute. Full access to all the recorded classes PLUS EXTRA short sessions free to join each week on a variety of topics. 

Contact for livestream timetable and to see availability for booking. 

  • £32 per month for a booked virtual mat space per week including on demand access
  • £16 per month on demand only 
  • £35 per month including Yoga live-streamed and on demand access

Do you have a home reformer and don’t know how to use it or don’t get to use it enough? Working together virtually we can get you moving and exercising via 1-1 sessions tailored to you and your goals.

Bunny Randall Pilates Large Equipment Studio Andover

Contact via text or Facebook to find out more information and current timetable. For 1-1 requests contact direct. Read more about Bunny here.

Keeping your mind and body active is key and as time can sometimes be difficult movement, strength and stretching is key.

With no travelling times and no childcare handovers you get to do what you love from your own home without interfering with your family life.  Fab for new Mum’s who maybe not able to leave their babies enabling them to build up their strength again.

No matter what your age or ability contact for the right session for you.

  • 1-1 for elderly
  • Home Reformer classes
  • Post natal programme
  • Pilates mat classes
  • Yoga – Strength and Hatha
  • 1-1 sessions or group
  • Family sessions
  • Injury focus
  • Rehabilitation