30 Minute Morning Yoga


Turn up in your Pj’s or fully dressed. Have your video on or off – totally up to you. You will feel more connection with your video on, even if it is pointing at the dog. In our small classes I love knowing you are there while we practice together.


By having a live Yoga class to join you will be much more likely to do your practice, you will feel accountable and also be part of a community, we will practice together and enjoy our journey together.


All our practices are uploaded to our private on demand group and you can repeat again and again or if you don’t make the live classes for you to do in your lunchtime or after work.


The morning Yoga classes are based on Hatha Yoga and we vary between holding the poses (Asanas) for 5-10 breaths to flowing at times, both to increase strength and suppleness in the body. Each class is different and I will challenge you in different ways mentally and physically.


Yoga is MUCH MORE than the poses and how the shapes look, feel safe and never push ANYTHING. Work with your breath and learn to destress and connect with your body, the way your body moves is unique to everyone and only you will know.


Block the world out, the busy mind, the thoughts and enjoy that moment on your mat listening to your body. Take child’s pose and breathe if that is good for you at that time.


Knowing we will connect together, move, mobilise and breathe is a great way to start your day.  


Not sure if my Yoga is for you. Get in touch with me and we can discuss or you can fill out a health questionnaire and I will get in touch.


It is one membership per household so others in your house can join in too. You only need one person to sign up, a screen big enough for you to be able to see clearly and enough space for a mat. 

Sign up via the link and then email me for all your booking information.