Pilates Reformer APPI Instructor

APPI qualified Pilates Instructor

Bunny is an APPI qualified Pilates Reformer teacher and Teaching from age 8 to 88. Currently the oldest client attending the studio is currently 76 who could show the youngsters a thing or two 🙂

1-1 or small group sessions are run from a small home studio based in Andover. The studio contains 3 Reformers, 1 Cadillac, 2 half Cadillacs, 1 Wunda Chair, 1 Fuse Ladder and lots and lots of small Pilates equipment.

1-1 Pilates Reformer Large Equipment

Pilates 'Star' - APPI trained instructor Bunny Randall
Pilates ‘Star’ – APPI trained instructor Bunny Randall

1-1 Pilates sessions in Andover, Hampshire are available for those who want 100% attention either for rehab or a specific goal for sport. Pilates large equipment 1-1’s are extremely popular with all ages, abilities and injuries. Everyone has their own reasons for 1-1 lessons. It could be you are new to exercise, recovering from an injury, you like personal treatment, want to improve self-esteem or want to get results quicker with the 1-1 focus.
The sessions are tailored completely to you and your posture type / requirements for lasting results. You will see fast results working with what you need.

Working 1-1 with clients is an exciting process as the sessions can be tailored to exactly the requirement of the client. Strength / rehab / sports conditioning / flexibility. You work hard to your ability and injury level building strength and flexibly safely.

Pilates Reformer studio, Andover, Hampshire

Pilates Reformer Large Equipment // small group classes

With a maximum of 2 or 3 in each class we work on a full range of conditioning and strengthening exercises using the large equipment. Working on one piece of equipment or running a circuit type class to move from each apparatus. (covid rules allowing).
On your enquiry you will need a 1-1 session to work out your level and then be offered a place in a class that would fit your level. Places are limited and very popular.

Pilates Reformer, Andover UK

You can find out more about the Pilates Large Equipment by looking at my social media which will show the type of exercises that can be performed. Always contact for details and any questions. The large equipment can look scary although actually it is completely the opposite and very supportive when used correctly.

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Pilates Wunda Chair, Andover UK

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