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Virtual Pilates, Yoga & Fitness

Join Yoga, Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Fitness classes from the comfort of your own home

We offer both live, streamed classes as well as recordings of past classes, which you replay again and again, on demand. With a subscription of your choice, you can access a huge library (over 200 videos) of on demand videos to do in your own time. 


​We highly recommend you book and join livestreamed classes with either SILVER or GOLD subscriptions as these virtual live classes help you to commit, give you motivation and also offer a social experience as you get to know those in your regular class and interact with the teacher. The added benefit of having access to recordings means you can redo a class at your convenience, as well as join in at a different time if missing your live class is unavoidable or you wish to do more per week. 

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Interested in on demand subscription only. BRONZE is for you. 

​​Looking for a face to face class in Andover, Whitchurch or Longparish? Learn more on our venues page

Having had back problems for a number of years I have spent a small fortune on osteopath and chiropractor appointments treating the symptoms not the cause. I was recommended to try Pilates, and in just the few months I’ve been attending sessions with Bunny I can feel the difference, the strength I’ve built up in the weak areas which were causing the back problems, and I now also have so much more flexibility thanks to the tailored program that has been put together for me. Often spotting issues that I hadn’t even mentioned, Bunny’s knowledge and her ability to target every muscle group that needs work, it really has been a breath of fresh air trying something new and really feeling the benefit. Thank you so much! :-)


Different focus every week, tailored to different levels of ability. Direct online support ensures you are getting the greatest benefit from the exercises, but there is always a catch-up option if needed. Minimal equipment needed so cost-effective and always leave me feeling taller and looser.


I've totally loved Bunny's classes. She is a really attentive instructor and takes time to understand each person's own abilities and tailor her advice accordingly. Even in group classes. Her knowledge and passion for all things yoga, pilates and the body is is inspiring and thorough and I feel like I can really trust her advice. I have been looking for a good instructor for years as I have very bad flexibility issues and feel that so many other instructors have just talked the talked and really not been able to cater for my restrictions. Bunny's approach is a total godsend.

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Everyday movement for strength & flexibility
In-person and online
Rehab, Pilates Reformer, Yoga, Calisthenics, PT, Handstands, Massage 
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