The word ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit term ‘yuj’ which means to merge, join or unit. Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit. Knowing oneself, the functions of the body and the ability to look at life evenly is part of living Yogic life. The body is a temple of the mind and by embracing the discipline and tranquillity gained through Yoga we can learn to appreciate and nurture it ever more deeply.

At Yoga with Bunny we practice a mix of different types of Yoga, mainly focusing on Hatha Yoga. “Ha” meaning “Sun” and “Tha” meaning “Moon”. It is a Yoga form full of balance working complementarily to help build flexible, strong and healthy bodies.

Yoga has a long and ancient history as a form of exercise which helps many people to relieve muscle tension, relieve back and neck pain, improve blood circulation, reduce tension and anxiety, reduce fatigue, improve core strength and quality of life, and balance the mind and body as we grow.

Many of us live sedentary lives and do not give our bodies the exercise that they require. Continuing to neglect our bodies can build up all sorts of future harms. Fortunately, regular exercise classes such as Yoga, can continue to support our physical and mental well being in a low impact and relaxed manner. The benefits of Yoga, either from home in your Pj’s or in a class environment are massive for body and mind.

Most people are not aware of their true level of muscular strength and flexibility until they have begun at least a few months of yoga practice. We do not require the use of expensive equipment or expensive classes to get started in achieving that awareness, we just encourage and help you to become alert to your own wellness. Your body and mind will begin to develop throughout your practice, and you will start to see remarkable changes. (Find out more about Yoga)

Yoga Pose 5. Pilates & Yoga with Bunny, Andover, Hampshire.

Everyone and anyone can do Yoga almost anywhere. With our morning Yoga classes, although we are based in Andover, you can participate online from the comfort of your own home over Zoom. They are early and short to fit in with your day and you will always have access to the full catalogue to do at lunchtimes or evenings on repeat.

Not only can you turn up in the morning in your pyjamas to do Yoga with the option to have your camera on or off, you can also get the support of our community with a gentle challenging accountability which will help you to achieve your exercise goals. It’s almost always too easy to say that you’ll start doing yoga tomorrow, let our live zoom morning yoga classes help make that today.

In addition, you can also watch our Online Yoga videos from our private Facebook group so you can repeat a class as many times as you’d like, or simply take it at a different time if you’re more of a night owl than a morning early bird.

Our Yoga sessions are designed to take place around you. Yoga stresses balance and so do we; in concert with your body, we will help explore how we can ensure that your unique requirements enable you to de-stress, connect and grow without injury.

Our Morning Yoga sessions are only 30 minutes a day, ideal for getting a great head start on the rest of the morning and ensuring that you’re feeling your best. (Find out more about our Morning Zoom Yoga Classes)

Online Live Yoga Classes. Pilates & Yoga with Bunny, Andover, Hampshire.
Online Live Yoga Classes

If you want to push yourself further, particularly during the current situation, becoming a bit healthier everyday is one of the most significant pathways to achieving long-term health and fitness goals. Consider combining a heavier Yoga practice to drive yourself further. Calisthenics sounds like a scary word but it simply means emphasizing the impact of using the weight of your body to increase your strength, fitness and flexibility. It comes from the ancient Greek words kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength), and the majority of the exercises happen without relying on any additional equipment. The aim of Calisthenics is to improve your strength and balance making it a great fit with Yoga, with the flexibility and control gained from Yoga enabling you to push yourself further and vice-versa. 

Our Yoga for Calisthenics programme is an intense 30 day programme to enable you to push beyond any current or future plateaus you may encounter. This Yoga course comes with 30 different videos that you can watch and repeat whenever you’d like to. It is designed to be a challenge, but one that you’ll be able to overcome and see massive gains in your Calisthenics journey. Don’t let your lack of flexibility hold you back from achieving your strength goals, (Find out more about our Yoga for Calisthenics course).

Yoga for Calisthenics, 30 Day programme. Day 4, Yoga with Bunny, Andover, Hampshire.

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