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About Reformer Classes, 121 and Rehabilitation 

What is Reformer? 
Pilates with resistance and end range mobility
The grace of mat Pilates with the power of the Reformer. 
Your unique body. 

The large equipment can look scary but actually it is completely the opposite and very supportive when used correctly by highly trained staff.


Pilates Reformer class use larger equipment. It is more suitable for 1-2-1 sessions and small groups.


At the Andover Studio (in Bunny’s home), there are three Reformers, one Cadillac, two half Cadillacs, one Wunda Chair and a Fuse Ladder, alongside lots of the smaller Pilates equipment too. We work on a full range of conditioning and strengthening exercises, either working on one piece of equipment or running a circuit type class to move from each apparatus in tun.

Bunny is highly qualified and prides herself on understanding bodies of all shapes, sizes and postures. Injuries and postural habits can change the bodies ability to execute certain movements. With the right knowledge and years of experience working with rehab clients you can put trust in your teacher Bunny to understand each persons needs. This is why you will never be in a class with more than 3 people. 


Classes are based on a term block paid in advance. You commit to a block and are in a class of maximum of 3. Before you begin you will need a 121 assessment to see your suitability to join a class and have an introduction to the Reformer. Note on occasions a class environment may not be right for you at this time and you may be advised to take 121 sessions until you are ready. 

The class level needs to be right and suitable for your ability, goals and injuries. After your 121 you will be advised the next step. 

Bunny always has a high demand for her Reformer classes as her teaching is so unique to other teachers. There is often a waiting list. Once a 121 has been taken then where suitable you can drop into empty spaces until a permanent space becomes available. Many people start like this. 

Working hours are 8-5pm Monday- Thursday (occasional 121's taken out of this time bracket for assessment). Classes are throughout M-T and dotted around the week between 121 clients. 

If you have a Reformer at home we also can offer online. 

Class prices are based at £22 per session. 

121 Sessions and Rehabilitation:

The majority of Bunny's work is based around 121 sessions with everything from a Rehabilitation client who hobbles in after a severe injury to an athlete working on performance or aesthetic goals. With Bunny's incredible ability to push you 'just' to the right level and understand your injury and posture you will know you are in safe hands to be pushed hard to your ability.  Bunny's oldest client is 83 and together we have overcome many daily functional restrictions in ability, mobility and strength.

Bunny receives referrals from several Physiotherapists in the area and has a high demand for her services. There is almost always a waiting list and most rehab clients are worked in 10 week blocks. Working with anything from disc injuries, to knee and hip replacements to pro golfers and surfers. 

You will be amazed how much you can achieve and how you can reduce your daily pain or improve your performance with the right tailored exercises for you. 

Working hours are 8-5pm Monday- Thursday (occasional 121's taken out of this time bracket for assessment only). 

Class prices are based at £60 per session. 

Pilates Reformer works with resistance
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The benefits of Pilates Reformer


The sessions can be tailored to exactly the requirement of the client, including:

  • Strength

  • Rehabilitation

  • Sports conditioning

  • Flexibility


Pilates Reformer is great for core stability and posture. It can also provide a more challenging strength and endurance work out, but it is always based around your ability and requirements.

Everyone has their own reasons for 1-2-1 lessons. It could be you are new to exercise, recovering from an injury, you like personal treatment, want to improve self-esteem or want to get results quicker with the 1-2-1 focus. All sessions are tailored completely to you and your posture type / requirements for lasting results. You will see fast results working with what you need for your goals.


In small group sessions, you will be paired, (or trios) with individuals with similar abilities and at a similar level. This requires open discussion and we recommend a 1-2-1 first. However, we teach all ages and all levels and experiences.


If you have a Reformer at home, you can also participate in online 1-2-1's or online classes.

Bunny is a APPI qualified Pilates Instructor,
with many years of experience.

Teaching those from 8-88!
You can be assured you’ll be in safe hands.
About Yoga
Meet Your Teacher
Bunny is a highly qualified and experienced instructor to help you
to reach your personal health, fitness and well-being goals.

Having undergone both physio and chiropractic treatments for a joint problem to no avail, Bunny not only explained what the issue was, but also the limitations it presented and what I could do to manage it. For the first time in two years I’ve felt fully fit and mobile again. Bunny is a great teacher- encouraging knowledgeable and good fun. I can highly recommend her.


Such a professional and friendly instructor who continues to amaze me with her fitness, health and well-being knowledge. I feel so many benefits from each and every class, loving the journey that I am on and the fun I’m having in the process. Bunny really does understand each and every one of her clients bodies, any pre existing conditions and any injuries. Totally supports our goals and strives for continuous improvement.


I am very inflexible and would feel self conscious in a class, so the online classes are perfect for me. I am reasonably fit, but years sat at an office desk have taken there toll on my body. Bunny gives clear instructions and plenty of alternative positions to take into account those of us that do not bend/flex easily. There is no chanting or weird yoga stuff - just down to earth poses and stretches. I can highly recommend you give it a go .

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