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Your burning questions answered

Read through the general FAQs below.

If your question is specific use the buttons to read related Q&As.

Any further questions hit the 'Let's Chat button on the screen.

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How do I decide which class is suitable for me?

Depending on injuries, goals, location, age and ability all may depend which discipline is best for you and which class, subscription will work the best for you. 

If you are unsure what you are looking for then get in touch so we can discuss.

I am a complete beginner, where should I start?

Most of the Pilates and Yoga classes are suitable for all levels. There is always options given for all exercises for you to layer the level where you feel is suitable, making the particular exercise or pose harder or more attainable for you.

As we get to know each other and dependant on injuries you could be advised a particular exercise or pose is right for you performed 'like this'.

All classes are made to make everyone feel inclusive and discussing all your options first is the best way to ensure you are joining the correct class for you. 

You may feel slightly nervous about joining a new class and you could be better off in a 1-1 situation to understand a bit more for a few sessions then get in touch. All Gold Subscribers (if you are looking for online) receive a 1-1 consultation either over the phone or virtual before joining as part of your first month. 

If you are looking to join a Reformer class then skip to the Reformer FAQs. 

Pilates or yoga?

Pilates and Yoga are very different and both offer multiple benefits to your body and mind. The disciplines work phenomenally together and this is the reason why both are on offer and are advised to do both weekly. The online subscriptions give you access to Pilates, Yoga and Fitness each week. 

Pilates builds core strength and body awareness.

Yoga builds strength, flexibly and mindfulness.

Read the blog post about Pilates or Yoga here. 

What is the differenence between Pilates on the mat and Pilates Reformer?

Pilates mat and Pilates reformer offer a very different experience to your Pilates session. While there are many similarities, for mat Pilates you are mainly using your own body weight to perform the exercises. And the other you are using resistance from a moving carriage to support you but also add resistance to build strength and flexibility faster. 

While reformer can look very scary to begin with it is used for rehabilitation and athletes on different ends of the scales. It works to support you in functional movements. OR works to make simple movements much harder to challenge you building strength and flexibly fast.

You may like to read more FAQs in the Reformer section below if reformer appeals to you. 

Do men attend your classes?

Virtually all the classes have men attending. Pilates and Yoga is definitely for men too! Often the Reformer appeals to men more than mat Pilates. Did you know that Pilates was invented by a man? Joseph Pilates. 

I am pregnant, can I attend your classes or do your videos?

Depending on your term week, your experience of Pilates or Yoga will depend on if you are suitable to join a class. 

You are not recommended to do the Pilates or Yoga videos if you are pregnant. Lots of exercises and movements are unsafe when you are pregnant and it would be advisable to get in touch to discuss your options. 

I am post natal, can I attend your classes or do your videos?

This question is how long is a piece of string. Every pregnancy, delivery, women and experience is very different. There are so many variables to this depending on your health, delivery, multiple births, natural or cesarean, level of previous experience pre-natally and above all 'time'. 

Pilates is an essential part of post-natal wellbeing and my passion is for every women to start to build their core and pelvic floor back up as soon as it is safe to do so. This MUST be done safely to avoid exercising too soon and also without increasing the likely hood of injury or prolapse in the weeks, months or years to come. 

If you are looking to dedicate time to your recovery either with a class, 1-1, the 12 week post natal online programme or on demand sessions then we need a discussion for your best option. 

Which styles/forms of yoga do you offer?

Yoga is such a broad name and covers many different types, styles and goals. 

You may have been to Yoga class and hated it, you may have been to 5 different Yoga classes and hated it. BUT Yoga is so individual so keep trying a class until you find one that works for you. As Yoga can be so many different things. If depends on what you are wanting to get out of your practice. You can try a 7 day free trial of the online classes or come to a face to face class to see if the style works for you. 

Bunny teaches all the face to face and online Yoga classes. The style varies from class to class so there is something for everyone. Morning movers Yoga is mainly about movement, breath in Hatha style Yoga. Working slowly on building strength and flexibility to keep your body supple and strong. The online morning classes are 30 minutes and designed to get you moving for your day and great to repeat at any time such as lunchtimes and evenings. 

Yin Yoga is stillness and mindfulness whilst lengthening the body using gravity and props, it works to challenge your body and mind whilst increasing calmness and acceptance.  Yin Yoga is taught in person and online (you can book online and it is also free for subscribers) alternating Monday evenings and also face to face every few months and monthly as part of the Gong Bath evenings (read more here)

Yogalates is taught weekly face to face locally. This is a blend of both Yoga and Pilates together offering different elements to blend together the 'best' bits. If you want to come and try a session get in touch. 

How do I know if I need group classes or 1-2-1 sessions?

This question can be a personal requirement and preference related but could also be to do with age, venue, ability but more importantly injury related and personal goals. 

Almost all our classes are suitable for all levels as modifications are given for specific injuries, posture type and levels. Some classes are aimed at different age groups and abilities. A quick enquiry will check where you are best placed. 

All Reformer small group and duo sessions are matched in ability and level and some injuries and levels don't match. Our goal is to always get the best outcome for you to live a more managed pain free life. It is best to discuss options in person so get in touch. 

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Some of the more specific questions may answer further questions or please get in touch. 

Yoga at Home

Online Classes

Online classes FAQ
What’s the difference between on-demand and live stream?

On demand is the BRONZE subscription and you have access to over 200 videos being added to weekly. Pilates, Yoga and Fitness videos. The on demand gives you the freedom to play any video at any time. 


Live-streamed are SILVER & GOLD subscriptions and these enable you to join the live online classes as well as get all the on demand videos as well.  These options give you the ability to have a fixed timetable and make you accountable for attending the classes. The GOLD subscription offers you a weekly interactive Pilates class to chat and have injury cues and modifications. 

You can also join the Pilates Reformer class online each week and contact me to discuss this. (You need your own reformer at home and a good level of experience).

Have a look at the subscriptions section below for more information. 

How well can you see us on the screen?

Virtual Pilates and fitness classes are kept small for a reason. We want to make sure you are safe in your exercises and be able to adjust verbally any movement that isn't working due to posture or injury. With classes kept limited in size and a huge screen at filming end you can be seen easily although a lot depends on you and your set up. We work to find the best position, clothing, angle and backdrop to enable you to be seen the best. 

Your Pilates class is a fixed weekly class booked to you. Tracie and Bunny want to get to know you, your habits and be able to correct them just as we would in a face to face class. 

Why do you have different teachers?

The best teachers for the best job. Have you heard the saying 'Jack of all trades, master of none'? We have three teachers all with specific knowledge and training to offer you the best guidance in your journey with our classes. Each of our teachers have extensive knowledge and skills in different areas to offer you the best service so you know you are in safe hands. 

Are the classes interactive or all kept muted?

All the virtual Pilates and fitness classes are interactive and you can ask questions and chat at any time during the session. 

The Yoga classes are kept muted but any questions can be before we begin or at the end of the session. 

You have access to a private facebook group and can chat in there also. 

My house is so noisy, does it matter?

Background noise can be very distracting for other participants so the mute button is an option for you, this can be taken off at any time to ask questions. Another way is to use ear bud headphones to do your class as these cancel out a lot of the back ground noise. 

I have an injury, can I do your classes?

Before joining any classes you are required to do an online health questionnaire. Any injuries that are flagged up can be discussed and noted for virtual classes. 

Bunny, Tracie and Johnathan are all very specific about safety and avoiding injuries.

I am worried I will hurt myself doing classes online

All of our efforts are to make sure you are safe during your session. Please get in touch to discuss a specific injury and if you feel unsure then after a discussion an alternative route maybe suggested or a period of time to wait before starting depending on your injury.

How many people attend your sessions?

Pilates classes online are kept limited in numbers for your safety and interaction. You are required to agree to a fixed class per week so the teachers know who is coming to each class and keep numbers controlled. 

Fitness classes are low in numbers for your safety and you can book each session individually so we make sure numbers never get high. 

Yoga classes are unlimited in numbers but our goal is to build a community and numbers still remain low. Rest assured you will not be joining a class with 50 people!!

Do you teach Pilates and Yoga online?

Both Pilates, Pilates Reformer and Yoga are taught online.

How fit do you need to be for the fitness classes?

Before joining you are required to fill in a health questionnaire. Any injuries which would make these classes unsuitable for you would be noted and you will be advised that the class isn't right for you at the moment. 

Johnathan is highly trained in working with injuries and in his 4th year of his Osteopath qualification has exceptional knowledge on injuries and the human body. 

Fitness isn't a problem as all exercises can be scaled to your current level of fitness so you make sure you work to your current ability and goal. 

If you feel you would want to know more before joining send us a message. 

What equipment do I need?

Pilates requires a block an exercise band is useful. A book can be used in place of a block. Any other Pilates small equipment you have can be useful but not essential. Sometimes we will use items from around the house such as pillows or tin cans if you don't have any equipment. Over time you may choose to buy some items but it is not essential. 

A mat is advisable to protect you from the floor and avoid slipping on carpet. 

For Yoga you need a mat. Carpet isn't really suitable as you can slip.

Useful additions to your kit are a Yoga strap (a dog lead or belt can be used) and a couple of Yoga blocks to help support you are useful (books, pillows or water bottles can be used depending on what the block is required to do for the pose). 

In Yin grab blankets, pillows, blocks and anything useful to support your body weight. 

Fitness classes need a clear space for you to move around in. Hand weights such as water bottles and something to lift over your head such a rucksack or small bag if you are wishing to add resistance.

No equipment is required and can be done using just body weight. 

What should I wear?

Layers that are comfortable and enable you to move and keep the correct temperature. 

Socks can be good for Pilates but can make you slip in Yoga and often are not safe. Trainers are advised for fitness. Ultimately it is about what you feel works for you. Dark colours can make it a bit harder to see your form in exercises so lighter colours are better if you are wanting corrections.

How do I book an online class?

You can book online classes through the booking pages. Note that all online classes are FREE when you have the GOLD subscription. And Yoga and fitness are FREE with SILVER subscription. 

Any classes can be booked and paid for if you wish to try a class. Book in plenty of time so we have time to get your health questionnaire filled in and discuss any injuries around our busy teaching schedules. All teachers are busy with 1-1 clients and other sessions and commitments around the online classes that are shown so it may take a day or so to get back to you.

Face to face

Face to face FAQ
Where are your classes held locally?

Classes are held in various locations. Andover, Longparish and Whitchurch. See the venues page for more details of venues. 

What type of classes do you teach locally?

Pilates mat, Yogalates (Pilates and Yoga blended together for the best of both), Yoga are all taught locally. Look at the book classes page and the calendar to see the current timetable. 

What if I can’t attend a class?

Classes are paid as a monthly block. If you are unable to make a session one week you can try and swap to another class or join an online class that week or the following week. 


Reformer FAQ
What is a Reformer?

The Pilates reformer is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment which looks a little like a bed with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys.

Many people are quite scared of the reformer when they first see it as it looks quite intimidating and almost medieval and like a piece of torture equipment. But after just one or two workouts on a reformer and you will realise that it is the most versatile and effective piece of exercise equipment ever made. Both for supporting you and building strength and flexibility. 

Where can I do Reformer sessions?

Reformer classes and 1-2-1's are held in Andover Pilates home studio. See more about venues here. 

What is the different between mat and Reformer Pilates?

Reformer and Mat Pilates are both very different. The Reformer works with a moving carriage and a push pull action to create resistance and support your body. Mat based Pilates is mainly working with bodyweight only. 

Can I join into a Reformer small group class straight away?

The simple answer is 'no'.

Reformer groups are matched in ability and age.

You will require a 1-2-1 session before you can attend a group class. We need to meet you, give you an introduction to the studio and reformer, check your posture and discuss goals, injuries and previous pilates mat or reformer experience.

 If you are interested to join a group class book your 1-2-1 well in advance. Class places are limited and until a regular place becomes available you can be fitted in where is appropriate (once we have assessed your ability and level). 

You could be advised you need more 1-2-1 sessions before you can be placed into a group depending on your previous experience. Occasionally group sessions won't be appropriate for you because of your injuries or goals. This can all be discussed at your assesment. 


Do you offer 1-2-1 sessions?

YES of all types. Pilates, Yoga, Pilates Large Equipment (Reformer). Rehabilitation, post natal, athletic goals and strength. Basically what ever you want to work on and your goal get in touch.


1-2-1 availability is very sort after so please get in touch in advance for when you are looking to start. Quite often you can be contacted if there are any cancellations until a regular 1-2-1 position arrises. 

Where do you hold your 1-2-1 sessions?

1-2-1's are held in Andover Pilates home studio (exact address is given on booking). See more about venue here. 

Would you come to my house for 1-2-1 sessions?

1-2-1 sessions are only held in the Pilates home studio. Home visits are not an option.

How do I book a 1-2-1?

Get in touch to discuss a 1-2-1 enquiry. Use the 'Let's Chat' button or contact via social media. 1-2-1 sessions are not available to book online at present as they are booked manually. 


Subscriptions FAQ
How do the subscriptions work?

With a subscription you choose how much access you want and if you want to do catch up videos or live streamed. There are 3 subscriptions and  depending if you want to be accountable to join live classes or do catch ups will depend what is right for you. 

You can sign up to the subscription of your choice and get a 7 day free trial.  Cancellation is all controlled by you in your account and so your are in charge. 

GOLD subscribers need to contact first to check availability for Pilates online. 

Find out more about the subscriptions here. 

Which subscription is right for me?

There are three subscriptions available. Each have a different price and different access privileges.

BRONZE (on demand access only)

SILVER (Live Yoga and Fitness classes online. Pilates on demand)

SILVER+ (As Silver at a reduced price for all face to face clients to add)

GOLD (All the above with one booked Live online Pilates class per week)

Find out more about the subscriptions here. 

I attend a 1-2-1, Reformer Group or a mat class with you weekly do I have to pay full prices?

Absolutely not. As a valued client already you can have SILVER+ access for a discounted price for £10 per month. This is a £15 per month discount and gives you full on demand access as well as access to live-streamed Yoga and fitness classes too. 

To add this to your monthly fee you need to get in touch and we can action this for you manually. 

Can I sign up and pay online?

Yes you can go to the subscriptions page and sign up online yourself.

How do I cancel my subscription?

It is easy to cancel your subscription in your profile on the website. You can cancel at any time with one months notice.

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