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Yoga for Calisthenics – 30 Day Programme

Increase your strength, mobility and flexibility for Calisthenics


Yoga for Cali 30 day Programme


Do you want to see progress in your Calisthenics goals? Of course you do, but what is holding you back? Is it your flexibility through your shoulders to get that perfect handstand line? Or your hamstrings restricting your Toes to Bar or L-Sit/V-Sit?


Throughout this 30 day Programme we will work together to improve your strength and flexibility. Trust me you WILL benefit from doing this programme, you will see changes in the progress for your statics and feel better in how you move. Just some of the benefits:


  • work on end range mobility

  • increase strength

  • increase flexibility

  • learn how to move safely

  • use for warm up and cool down videos

  • have access to this programme forever


  • repeat again and again for results

  • follow a printable 30 day calendar

  • 30 videos to watch when ever you like

  • short 20 minute videos to fit in with your day


I have found this a challenge but reaped the reward for my handstand training



Why have I put this 30 day programme together?

As a Pilates and Yoga teacher, with Calisthenics as a hobby I train with others, I see their amazing strength but often their lack of ability to open their shoulders or hips. Often their flexibility is holding them back from the goals. Teaching is my passion, helping people and seeing progress gives me a real buzz. This is where this programme is born from.

Have a go….

Yoga for Calisthenics 30 day Programme – Free your upper body


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For ONLY £30 you receive 30 videos – JUST £1 per video

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