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About Fitness and Strength Training

As well as Pilates and Yoga, we also offer Personal Training, online and in person. 
Fitness and Strengthening classes online,
including Circuits and Tabata Training. Find out more below.

Fitness and strength training


Personal Training and Nutrition

Bunny and Johnathan can help you with your personal training journey. Offering face to face (Bunny in Andover, Johnathan in Milton Keynes) or via online. Working within their own private studios or from your home online you can improve your fitness, strength, endurance, increase muscle tone and reduce fat. Understand your nutrition and get support to know how to fuel your body depending on goals and lifestyle. 

Bunny and Johnathon both have extensive knowledge of the body, your form and safety is upmost priority to help you reach your desired goal whilst still pushing you. 

Functional movements, training for a competition or an event, increasing your strength and ability to move well would all be part of your sessions and each session is individually programmed for you. 

Age, ability, mobility, injuries are not barriers to exercise. Everyone can increase their fitness with the right support and coaching. 

If you are looking for group classes as part of the Silver and Gold subscription enjoy live fitness classes each week online. 
Circuit Classes

Circuit training is a combination of exercises performed with short rest periods between them for either a set number of repetitions or a prescribed amount of time. One circuit is when all of the chosen exercises have been completed. Multiple circuits can be performed in one training session.

Circuit training will usually involve 6-12 exercises and is structured in a way that enables you to keep performing the exercises with good technique and short rest intervals.


Tabata Training

Each exercise in a given Tabata workout is short bursts of exercise and short rests.

  • Work out hard for 20 seconds

  • Rest for 10 seconds

You push yourself as hard as you can for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. This is one set. You'll complete eight sets of each exercise. 

You can do pretty much any exercise you wish. You can do squats, push-ups, burpees or any other exercise that works your large muscle groups. Kettlebell exercises work great, too.

An example of a Tabata workout looks like this:

  1. Push-ups 

  2. Squats 

  3. Burpees 

  4. Mountain Climbers 

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