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Andover, Whitchurch & Longparish,
Hampshire Pilates Classes

Pilates has been utilized for decades for improving core and overall strength, mobility, efficiency for correct muscular recruitment, and reducing postural muscle imbalances that can lead to pain or spasms. Pilates is based on a method of no-impact exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, who had the fortune of being born to a Gymnast father and naturopath mother. Pilates believed that mental and physical health were intertwined and the exercises which he created had the goal of supporting and strengthening both the mind and the body.

Throughout Pilates Classes with Bunny the balance of strength and flexibility works to build your awareness both in your body and your mind. You will find that the Pilates method helps to balance the usual focus on your body on your mind making you aware of daily posture and corrective movement patterns. The cumulative effect of this method of exercise is improved physical and mental health and a better unison of the body and mind.

Pilates is a method to help for rehabilitations and athletes alike, people with joint impairments, who are recovering from muscular injuries, or who are looking to improve their posture or flexibility will all benefit from Pilates work. (Find out more about Pilates)

Pilates with Bunny is designed for everyone, from the absolute beginner to those more advanced, and helps you build core strength, improves coordination, improves flexibility and balance, and promotes your health through movement. Pilates Classes with Bunny are carefully designed to be accessible to all levels of physical ability and fitness, and all exercises can be adapted to your level. Every class will be taught with individual options to adjust the intensity, and everyone is carefully monitored to maintain correct alignment before moving to the next level of exercise. Classes are kept small both in studio and via virtual classes to allow for this correction.

Pilates is hugely popular due to the low physical barriers to beginning and because it is a simple change that can help everyone live a healthier lifestyle. The most common use of Pilates classes is as gradual progression of diverse and progressive movements to treat and prevent injuries as part of a comprehensive exercise program. Pilates is recommended via Doctors and Physiotherapists due to the nature of the exercises.

Integrating Pilates with Bunny into your fitness routine, is a great way of immersing yourself in the benefits in a safe and supportive environment. Our Pilates classes are designed to build strength & stability and increase flexibility. The classes are limited in number to ensure that your individual health goals can be supported and are kept fresh through a variety of equipment movements and exercises.  (Find out more about Pilates Classes)

Smaller Pilates groups and 1-1’s are available for people who would like more attention to help them on their personal journey. This could be overcoming an injury, improving self-esteem or simply meeting more demanding goals quicker. These classes make use of a variety of small exercise equipment and are unique to your requirements to ensure that Pilates can help you achieve and maintain your long-term goals.

One of the main challenges of being a good Pilates practitioner is finding Pilates moves that are challenging enough at different joint angles for individuals for maximum positive muscle growth and recovery, this is something that we are happy to help you with when you do Pilates with Bunny.  (Find out more about Pilates Large Equipment Classes).

“I look forward to meeting you and developing your mind and body.”

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