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Post Natal Pilates – 12 Week Programme


This is a minimum 12-week post-natal programme that uses Pilates to help you strengthen your core, pelvic floor
and posture after birth.
You will build body awareness and self-esteem, as well as
physical strength for daily movements and functions.
The programme is divided in to three easy-to-follow
modules, slowly increasing in intensity.
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For just £30, get instant access to this programme.

It includes a downloadable guide and journal to chart your progress. You also have access to short, weekly videos, that are easy to follow.


Suitable from your 6-week sign off (or 12 weeks for a C-Section), this programme is designed by mums for mum. You can return to exercise safely and be pain free after having your baby.

This programme offers 12 weeks’ worth of content and videos for you to build your strength gradually and safely. The comprehensive 50 page document gives you lots of information about your body and what to expect after having a baby. The journal helps you to track your progress and move forward in your own time.

Benefits of this programme include:
  • The chance to build your core strength and body confidence

  • Safe exercises to help heal Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation) – restore those tummy muscles!

  • Designed to be taken at your own pace – move on only when you feel ready

  • Limited equipment needed

  • Short videos to fit into your day, whilst caring for your young baby

  • Improved pelvic floor strength to reduce leaking and regain confidence

  • Additional meditation guides and nutrition tips

  • Designed by a Mum for Mum’s

  • Access to a private Facebook group for additional support

If you have any questions about your ability or readiness for exercise after giving birth, please contact us
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A wonderful way to gain the 'YOU' back!
If you have any questions or concerns about whether you are ready for this programme, please contact us

I have been taught by Bunny for 4 years now; doing her classes of yoga, pilates and also on the reformer. A combination of all three made for a brilliant mixture of exercise and strength. Bunny is so full of knowledge and constantly brings her learning to each and every session.
Most recently I have been recovering from Covid which has stopped all regular exercise. This has been very hard but Bunny has been there constantly, offering advice and ways to keep moving without leading to exhaustion. Not only has she helped me physically, but mentally too. Bunny has kept me connected to others which is vital in these trying times. She has had to constantly change her offering with the ever-changing covid restrictions. For that I am very grateful and can’t recommend her enough. Whether for ante or post natal, young or old, give her a call. You won’t regret it. Clare


I followed Bunny’s 12 week post natal course after having my second daughter in 2019. I would highly recommend it! I started the course knowing I had a diastasis recti of more than 2 fingers. I stuck to the course for my 12 weeks and was so glad I did. By the end my tummy gap was well under 2 fingers and I felt I had progressed loads - more toned, more energetic, less back pain and able to rejoin my regular Pilates classes with Bunny. I just had my third baby and intend to follow the course again in the New Year and am looking forward to getting back to exercise!
Thanks Bunny for all your help and support 


7 years after my last baby and having never addressed my diastasis recti, my hopeless core strength was causing snowballing issues and leading to significant problems. Bunny was so kind, listened to the myriad of issues and offered lots of practical support. I began her post natal program which gave me a gentle but effective place to start in building some strength and confidence. It has enabled me to get onto the reformer and continue to build up some much needed stability. Thank you Bunny!

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