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Post Natal Case Study - (Diastasis Recti)

During a regular mat Pilates class a new lady joined to try and strengthen her core as she had heard Pilates would stop her back hurting. A mother of three children, when starting class with myself her youngest was 22 months old – so not a

baby. This lady had been suffering with terrible back ache and feeling very weak so had been attending a boot camp type class to regain her strength again and have some ‘me time’ as all mummies need. I n addition to this Clare had been starting

to run for cardio fitness.

After a quick chat and a physical assessment we discovered that a large tummy separation (diastasis) was present and my whole hand could fit between her muscles. The recommended guidelines state that a two finger space is acceptable as

having closed ‘the gap’.

With careful guidance and a good nudge, a Dr appointment was made and the Dr was also astonished that this hadn’t been previously been picked up in almost 2 years of her suffering since her youngest’s birth. S he continued coming to Pilates and we adapted and guided with the correct exercises and with support, homework and consistency from her within 6 months the gap closed to 2 fingers. This just shows what is possible with the right attitude, the right diet, the right exercise and more to the point the correct type of exercises.

The progress is fantastic and now she is able to carry out daily life without pain and is regaining the strength into her core to enable her to start running again.

Clare’s story…

“With three children 5 years and under, it took me until my youngest turned 18 months or so to make the headspace to start thinking about exercise and diet again! Knowing that I wouldn’t be trying for any more babies, I was so excited and bought some new kit before joining a weekly circuits/boot camp session. I t felt so good to be out and sweating again with loud music, burpees, planks, sit-ups and other adults! I was energised and started to also do a couple of 3-5k jogs per week as well as the circuits.

Very soon I started to get terrible backache by the end of each day and noticed rather than getting my tummy tone back, it was as if it was getting more distended. Whilst pregnant with my third (and for years before) I did Pilates and Yoga but hadn’t returned to it as I thought getting back into cardio fitness would have faster results for toning and strength. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I was so thankful when a friend then recommended me to give Bunny’s classes a go. Within a couple of classes with Bunny, I fast realised how I was unable to do so many of exercises she taught. My lower back was so weak, I couldn’t actually do a sit up (which I had been attempting to do at speed for months of circuits!!) so Bunny took a look and was as shocked as me at the huge tummy muscle split or Diastasis Recti she

found. At first I was pretty sad as everything I had been doing for the months before was detrimental and just causing more damage. I then became pretty angry at the medical system as this had never been pointed out to me at my post partum sign

off...nearly two years ago!!!

Bunny prompted me to demand some physio treatment via the NHS and very kindly wrote a script for me to take to my GP in order that that was organised. He assumed on examination that I had a newborn baby and was horrified when I said he

was two! He signed me up for 6 months of physio and I have had checks every three weeks along with daily exercises to do. That alongside my weekly Pilates with Bunny and some very gentle jogs, have brought my gap of about four fingers to

two!! Quite incredible and the backache has pretty much gone by the end of each day. I have become so much more mindful when carrying the kids or doing everyday chores. I have also started hulahooping which was recommended for the core....

and is great for a laugh too!!

This is a lengthy write up but without Bunny, I would have been in real trouble if I gave carried on with the circuits. I hope I will get back to that someday but for now, to be mending so well is just fantastic. Thank you Bunny."

Clare had not realised that she had Diastasis and thankfully it was spotted quickly in her first class with Bunny.

Giving her the ‘right’ type of exercises has helped her to heal, which now

means that she can exercise normally and do all the things that she loves doing again. Her hard work has really paid off!

You don’t need to have a large gap to be experiencing symptoms and pain. But the exercise you do needs to be tailored by a professional to help heal and get you living your daily life again.

How do you know if you have Diastasis?

What can I do if I have Diastasis?

Having the right exercises and what 'to do' and what 'not to do' is important to your recovery. If you believe you have diastasis then get in touch and take our POST NATAL PROGRAMME. Pilates is a fabulous healer and with the right instruction and advise from a qualified professional you can feel stronger and healthier again.

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