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Pelvic Floor Health

Pelvic Floor Health

All I wanted to do after I had my daughter was get back to exercise.

I did exactly what was advised and waited six weeks. That was way too soon and it wasn’t until injury after injury I realised how there really isn’t enough information for post natal women.

Wish I knew then what I knew now.

I get asked SO often how do I improve my pelvic floor. And then also others who won’t mention it. It isn’t TABOO.

Did you know that pelvic floor dysfunction isn’t just for for post natal women? It is common in men and also women who have never had children too (it is just more common in those who have had a natural birth.

Pelvic floor dysfunction can often go together with the separation of the tummy muscles (Diastasis Recti). Also often common in post natal women (but can also affect men or women who haven’t ever been pregnant). Children can even have it.

I developed a whole 12 week programme focused for post natal women to get safely back to exercise.

Build core strength and also pelvic floor strength.

I am super proud of this programme and have had lots of great results from it.

If you want to get your body back to functional movements and building strength safely then I’d love you to get in touch and take my programme.

Find out more and have a look at the online programmes.

If you have any questions about your body or concerns feel free to message me.

I’ll always guide you with the best things suitable for your individual recovery.

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