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Neutral Pelvis

Why does Pilates focus so much on a neutral pelvis?

What is neutral?

Do you know?

A neutral pelvis is when your pelvis is in the optimal position to support the spine, enable to pelvic floor and glutes to function correctly. Boom.

Now anything out of neutral causes the body to create movement patterns that are reinforcing the pelvic position. Which of course then makes the whole problem MUCH worse.

Have you ever been to the gym and watched someone and thought, he is going to hurt himself lifting like that? Eek.

I wince every time I am at the gym. A lot of form is shocking and it is an injury waiting to happen.

When you are young you can get away with lifting in a bit of a bad form generally. But when you are young generally you are moving more, walking more as you may not have a car, hanging out maybe with friends and moving and generally have more mobility and the body hasn’t formed the bad habits ‘yet’.

Form is the foundation of EVERYTHING. That includes lifting your washing basket up.

In pilates we work on neutral ALL the time to train the body ‘where’ the pelvis needs to be to help all the surrounding muscles to contract correctly.

This includes the pelvic floor!

Find your neutral. Strength, the correct movement and mobility will help you maintain it.

If you want a FREE video on how to find your neutral pelvis DM me.

If you want to find out more about Pilates either live or online send me a message.

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