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Welcome to 121's


Before you start your health form is your first task and is compulsory before taking any classes.

Include any injuries and if there is anything you need to discuss get in touch. 

Thank you for joining 121 / Rehab sessions / Personal Training


The studio has a SHOES OFF, SOCKS ON policy and grip socks are required to help you avoid sliding on the floor and equipment. I do have a selection of ToeSox for sale (my preferred brand) and these vary from £14-16 and I accept cash for these. Of course any socks with grips on the bottom are fine and you can buy your own (normal socks are ok as an alternative but really not ideal moving forwards). 

If you are a PT client then either socks or ONLY indoor trainers are permitted. 


Your prompt timekeeping is essential as sessions can not start early or run over. Sessions will run back to back generally. 


Any clothing needs to not have zips or buttons as it may rip or scratch the leather on the equipment, please also avoid watches and rings with jewels (I would prefer them removed).

Please aim to make your clothes are pet hair free as it drops off all over the equipment and also looks unsightly for the next client.

Hair past chin length should be tied up as can get caught in the runners.




Sessions are run from the home studio based in Andover. Please follow instructions below rather than sat nav. 

The house can be a bit tricky to find the first time. The easiest is by driving to the Queen Charlotte Pub (SP10 2PR) turning left BEFORE the pub, take the next immediate left, follow the rd around and drive to the end. My house is the last house on the right hand side – you will see the extension out the back and a pergola in the garden. Parking is not allocated and you can park in any available space. 
Studio entrance is via the back gate, ring the doorbell on the top of the gate and I will come and let you in. The gate is always kept locked and I will come out at the time of your session start. 

11 Duncan Court, Admirals Way, Andover SP10 1QF

What 3 words - ///


This will include messages about ad hoc classes and any announcements - it is one way traffic so not pinging all the time for people chatting.


Your 121 session is tailored to your individual goals, rehab programme and ability.  On your first appointment we will be talking, note writing and performing a physical assessment to find more about you and your body. This will enable us both to establish the plan and programme to proceed with over our time together. Every person and body has different abilities, goals, injuries and requirements and 121 sessions will allow you to develop and progress much quicker than in a group environment. Depending on discoveries and goals the type of programme we will be working on may use the large equipment or the mat during this first session and thus moving forward. 

121 sessions are based on 55 minute in length. Note please arrive at the time of your session and avoid arriving early - I need time to clean after every client and write up notes from the client before you. You can wait in your car and message me when you have arrived it weather is wet so I can come out with a brolly. 

Note that some initial 121 sessions are for assessment and introduction for Reformer Group. We would already of discussed this if this applies to you. 

To see results and progress consistency and your commitment is key. This is why there is only an option for block bookings (unless it is for an introduction for group or as an ad hoc for a personal development for a group client).

You must commit to the weekly time slot given to you and sessions are not able to be dropped frequently or your place will be passed on. Often the space can not be filled and there is always a waiting list for people wanting 121 block booking spaces. I would expect no more than 2 of the 10 sessions to be cancelled in one block. This shows commitment from you and me. If you know your session is going to clash with an event you maybe able to be swapped with another client on different day or take up another space or cancellation. 

Cancellations require at least 24 hours notice or the session will be charged in full and taken off your credit. Your automatic session reminder will always come via email 24 hours in advance too so you know the session is confirmed. If you don't get this reminder then message me as your session may not have been booked in by error.

Any covid symptoms please stay away. 

Sickness bugs in your household require 48 hours policy. 

Working 121 is unique to you and and you will love how you start to see changes and feel stronger. Can't wait to get working together for changes in your daily strength and mobility. :)

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