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Let's move together!

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'Pilates and Yoga with Bunny' believe that movement is an optimal path to wellness.

We look forward to sharing with you the techniques we’ve learned that will vastly improve your quality of life. With a combination of Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training, Calisthenics, and Fitness classes together we can build your strength, flexibility, and fitness.

I am passionate about the human body and your body is unique to you. With extensive training and collaborations 'Pilates and Yoga with Bunny' has an option for every person no matter age, ability or injury. 

Bunny, Tracie and Johnathan are excited to have you join our tribe.

About Us
Live a better life to increase your mobility, strength, improve posture, the ability to breathe and reducing daily pain

In-person, virtual & on-demand classes

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Pilates and Yoga with Bunny, Andover UK


Classes for:

Pilates Mat / Pilates Reformer

Yin Yoga and Gong Sound Bath/ Yoga  & Yogalates

1-1 or small group classes/ Virtual live streamed classes online


Class venues:


Andover, Hampshire 

Whitchurch, Hampshire

Longparish, Hampshire 

On demand hub online

Via live link online