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30 Days of Movement

Welcome to 30 Days of Movement. You have 30 different recorded classes that vary wildly in ability and subject. Try and work through them in order and try each thing. Remember trying something new is always good. They have been carefully chosen to give you a well balanced routine over the next 30 days.

Be sure to bookmark this page or keep the browser window open. If you accidentally close the window then follow the link in your original email.

Your weekly training should incorporate strength, conditioning, cardio, resistance training, flexibility, relaxation and breath work for overall body and mental health as well as a healthy heart and healthy bones. 

Enjoy and please give each video a thumbs up and a comment. Don't forget to subscribe also. 

Happy moving. 
Download the printable calendar for you to complete the classes 
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30 day stretches.jpg
Day 1

30 mins

Do these stretches every day. Use for mobility or pre or post workouts.

This 30 minutes of daily stretches covers most muscles and is great to do on repeat.


Use as a pre or post exercise warm up or cool down.

1hr taster pilates.png
Day 2

1 hour

Taster Pilates class suitable for beginners to begin your Pilates journey.

A gentle full 1hour class for anyone who hasn't tried Pilates before. A live class working on breath and alignment to give you a good understanding of Pilates. A great refresher class for anyone returning to Pilates or to work on the basics.

Day 3

30 mins

Yoga for your Spine. 

Move and mobilise your spine with this short practice.

2021-12-16 05.51.37.png
Day 4

15 mins

Massage your body with the spiky ball. DO THIS AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK

Use a tennis ball OR any hard ball you have. Working 'on the body' rather than 'in it' is crucial for healthy muscles and movement.

Massage helps to avoid injury by increasing blood flow and releasing tension.

Day 5

20 mins

Glute and lower back

Pilates for beginners 

Glute and lower back strength class suitable for beginners and post natal. Good for bad backs or building up strength after injury. When you can complete competently move to the intermediate, then advanced class.

Day 6

15 mins

Glute and lower back release short class

Stretch and release your glutes and lower back. Sitting all day DO THIS. Standing all day DO THIS. Sports person DO THIS.

Either use on it's own or follow on from my Glute and Back strength class series. A great way to help your lower back feel more mobile.

Day 7

30 mins

Circuits with Johnathan to

make you sweat

Get your heart rate up with Johnathan in this 30 minute circuit session.

Use weights or bodyweight.

swiss ball core stability.jpg
Day 8

10 mins

Swiss ball core stability. Do this every day to build core strength

Anyone wanting to build a stronger core and stability for the pelvis. This is a perfect short class to build into your training programme and essential for anyone lifting weights, running, and any age.

Day 9

30 mins

Chataranga DO's & DON'TS. A must watch mini workshop to avoid injury

As a Yoga and Pilates Teacher I see many clients that find me as they have had injuries in the past and they want help to fix their bodies. This tutorial on Chataranga Dandasana will help you to learn the progressions of this pose safely.

Yogalates 25min.jpg
Day 10

25 mins

Yogalates - A fusion of
Yoga and Pilates

A fusion of Pilates and Yoga. Best of both. Move and tone your body incorporating strength and movement.

Day 11

8 mins

Pilates advanced

8 minute Abs

Advanced short Pilates abs class.

Fit this class into your day with this express 8 minute ab strength blast.

Day 12

20 mins

Mobility with the Pilates Magic Circle (or a yoga block) 

This class is using the circle or a yoga block to move the whole body. Stretches and mobility using the circle in a different way.

Day 13

25 mins

Pilates handweight sculpt 

Pilates sculpt and tone. Working on arms, core, legs and back. If you don't have hand weights use water bottles or tin cans. This class is aimed for those with a good Pilates knowledge already.

Yoga for bedtime.jpg
Day 14

50 mins

Yoga for bedtime. Move and stretch for better sleep.

Get yourself ready for bed with wind down Yoga. Ease into poses and finish your day with movement for a great sleep.

Pilates back strength.jpg
Day 15

20 mins

Pilates back strength 

Having strength in your back helps to decrease the likelyhood of back injuries.

Support your spine by building strength for
daily life. 

45 min bootcamp.png
Day 16

45 mins

45 minute live bootcamp class to sweat

Prepare to sweat, work hard, burn fat (and incorporate some Pilates exercises too). Suitable for anyone who knows how to modify exercises and wants to work their cardio.

Yoga core back and glutes.jpg
Day 17

25 mins

Yoga core, back and glutes

Yoga to build some strength in your day.


Short and sharp.

Day 18

10 mins

Meditation and body

scan for sleep 

Grab your PJ's and somewhere quiet to enjoy this Body Scan meditation. Slow down and take time to find stillness.

pilates core with band.jpg
Day 19

20 mins

Pilates core and pelvic floor

recruitment with a band 

Breath and pelvic floor engagement to activate your core. You need a band.

swissball adv.jpg
Day 20

15 mins

Swiss ball

advanced Pilates

This 15 minute class works with the Swiss ball. You need a good strength and understanding of Pilates to take this class.

Day 21

28 mins

Yoga release for backs

and shoulders

Yoga class to release tension for your back and shoulders. Great for desk sitting and general movement.

Do this to get crow.jpg
Day 22

20 mins

Do this to get Yoga Crow Pose

Do you want to learn Crow Pose? 20 minutes to work on some drills to help you. This class is suitable for someone with a good level of upper body strength and no wrist or shoulder issues.

Day 23

20 mins

Activate your Glutes -

DO THIS before you train legs. 

Used as a stand alone glutes class or as a warm up to your leg day. Before a run or sports to get glutes awake. 

Yin 1 hour Oct21.jpg
Day 24

1 hour

Yin Yoga. 1 hour to soothe

your mind and body

Grab your props for Yin Yoga. In this practice we work on some hips and forward folds. 5 minute poses working on connective tissue and facia.

You tube thumbnails -2.png
Day 25

30 mins

Tabata single weights

OR body weight

Tabata 20 seconds of work / 10 seconds rest. Warm up


Front squats



Day 26

20 mins

Standing stretch and movement 

A quick way to move and stretch in your day. Fit this short class into your morning, lunch break or your evening.

Great for desk sitters.

Day 27

35 mins

Pilates 34 Advanced sequence

live class to work the whole body

The classical advanced 34 Pilates sequence. Warm up beforehand and stretch after. Control each movement and adapt where you need to. Fast paced class for those with a good knowledge and understanding of Pilates and your abilities.

Day 28

25 mins

Foam roller all over muscle release

Revitalise your muscles with this overall Foam Roller class.


Do this once a week to avoid injuries and tightness.

30 day 15min stretch.jpg
Day 29

15 mins

Silent Daily Stretch or Cool Down 

In this silent class there is minimal cues for the stretches so you can follow along and repeat again and again. Each stretch is 30 seconds using a bell and perfect for a cool down after an exercise class or a quick break from your desk.

journalling practice.jpg
Day 30

20 mins

Start your journaling practice. 

If you need some help with how to sit in meditation then watch this video.


Grab a notepad and pen and start your journalling practice.


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