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Class Covid Guidelines

Welcome to Pilates and Yoga studio classes – Covid guidelines


  • Arrive exactly as your class starts and not before (I will aim to come and get you 5 minutes before). If you do arrive early please stay in your car or queue in the carpark 2m apart if you want to chat. Please DO NOT enter the building until you are prompted.

  • I will walk down to get you at class start. We will then need to flow into the studio together keeping distance along the corridor.

  • Wear your mask to enter the building to and from the studio. You can remove your mask when in the studio.

  • Everyone is to use hand gel on entrance.

  • Aim to not touch door handles where possible. 

  • Only bring in what you need for your class and no coats or bags, jumpers, note there is nowhere for storage and the floor can not be used. Anything you bring has to be next to your mat and needs not to be a trip hazard. Car keys, blocks and phones need to be placed on your mat. You could bring a very small storage box that can be wiped clean to put items in and this is my preferred option. 

  • You are not permitted to walk around the studio without shoes and your shoes need to be stored next to your mat.

  • On studio entrance you will flow in order to the furthest point marked to avoid cross of breath.

  • You can choose to wear a PPE face protector. I do not advise masks. 

  • The studio will have ventilation throughout.

  • Bring your own mat and block.

  • Bring your own wipes to clean your mat after use. 

  • I advise you to buy a Yoga towel with grips to put under your mat then put it straight in the washing machine after class. 

  • Any covid symptoms you must not attend.

  • Register is to be taken by me for track and trace if required.

  • Note that if any one of my clients or a member of my family has been near a covid positive test I will have to self isolate for 2 weeks and so classes will go to zoom for that period. 

  • You MUST self isolate and not come to class if you have been near anyone with covid or have any symptoms. Please do not put me or any of my clients at risk. 

  • If you need to quarantine following a trip then you can ask me about booking a zoom place if your class doesn’t have a zoom option.

Please keep an eye on Facebook PRIVATE group for information as much as possible. Any updates will be given on there. I do have a whatsapp group for information as well so please let me know if you wish to be added to that. 

Watch a short video here

While all these procedures are a chore we need to adhere to them to stay safe, keep classes running  and protect others. Thank you for joining and your cooperation.

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