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Welcome to ‘Yoga for Calisthenics 30 Day Programme’


Welcome to Pilates and Yoga with Bunny’s ‘Yoga for Calisthenics 30 Day Programme’

Thank you for taking the time to make a better you and sign up to this programme. This 30 day programme will build a stronger core, increase flexibility, end range mobility and overall strength. It is suitable for anyone, not just Calisthenics athletes and will help all sports people and also desk sitters feel better. 

This programme will offer plenty of challenges and exercises to help build strength and mobility.

Each day you will follow one pre-recorded short class which is around 20 minutes. Designed to fit in around busy lives so you can do little and often to see the benefits. I want you to commit to this programme and see it through to the end even it takes you longer to complete.

Below is a calendar for you to print off and tick each day – write the date you start in box one and subsequent days when you complete the relevant video. If you have more time, repeat the video twice. Any that you really ‘need’ put a smiley face against.

Everyone has different levels, injuries, flexibility and strength and you need to be guided by your level. The programme is designed to work with you, challenge you and help you in your goals to have an all rounded better you.


There is a mixture of mobility, strength and flexibility to help to get your body to open up, move more freely, and use your stabilising muscles for good pelvis, spine and shoulder girdle support. Also a few drills to help your Calisthenics gains.

(All videos are undertaken at your own risk and you must listen to any signals of discomfort and adapt where required for your body. Never push yourself and never work through any pain).

This is me in my living room filming around a busy family home making the best of my lighting and sound. Don’t expect high end videos that are perfect – but I can assure you the content will be good, I’ve left my wobbles and non perfect moves in without re-filming so you can see that I am not perfect and it is ok to struggle. Together we will see results. 

Enjoy the journey. If you do miss a day then don’t worry just catch up the following day. I hope to hear from you throughout with your progress on how you are finding things. Please hit like to each video and also comment with any thoughts you would like to share.

Any posts you make I would love to see your progress, you can tag me and also #PilatesandYogawithBunny hashtag. 

My Instagram accounts are @movementbunny @pilates_and_yoga_with_bunny and you can see what I get up to and also get in touch too.

Start with the welcome video, then the equipment video (you also need a foam roller for day 5 but use a rolled blanket or Yoga mat if you don't have one) and then begin with Day 1. 

Let’s hop to it. Bunny 🙂

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