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Welcome to Pilates and Yoga with Bunny’s Post Natal Programme

Thank you for taking the time to make a better you and sign up to this programme. This 12+ week programme will build a stronger core, pelvic floor and overall strength.  Each day you will do one or 2 short classes, work on pelvic floor exercises and include a walk.


Designed to fit in around busy lives so you can do little and often and then feeling ready at the end to join a class or get back to other exercise you love.


Enjoy the journey. And I hope to hear from you throughout with your progress on how you are finding things.



Download your document and instructions to follow

Join the private facebook group

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Firstly join the private facebook group – and wait for your request to be accepted.

Pop a post up if you want to and introduce yourself and why you are joining and want to take this programme. We are all in this together and everyone is always very friendly and supportive.

You can find all the access to the videos and documents in the closed group as well as on the website.


When you are approved in the group open ‘DOCUMENTS’ first before you watch any of the videos. Read and begin. It is a 50 page document so don’t let it daunt you as you work through it slowly, it is broken down into sections for the 12 weeks with a diary at the end. The PDF link is also


Feel free to post comments on the page, interact with others and ask questions. Doing this with a friend can really help to keep you motivated so get any friends you know to sign up as well.

Share your progress

I love to connect with you on social media. Tag me in any of your posts. 

Subscribe on You Tube Channel for frequent new material. 

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Start watching your videos

Be sure to download the document FIRST and start reading the instructions to get the most out of your programme. 

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