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Calisthenics = Beautiful Strength

Have you always wanted to do a pull up? Or wondered why you can't do reps of push ups without your shoulder hurting?

Now is your opportunity to learn how to build strength safely using your own bodyweight. Calisthenics is all about having fun and building friendships and community.

Calisthenics is a form of exercise using pull, push and holding static positions working on full body strength. Increasing or decreasing how much you use your limbs and levers to change the level and resistance level of the particular exercise.

Take a push up for example and learn about many ways to increase or decrease the resistance. Here are just a few to show how scaleable using bodyweight is from beginner to advanced:

  • Wall push ups

  • Incline push ups (hands higher)

  • Kneeling push ups

  • Full push ups

  • Decline push ups (feet higher)

  • Pike push ups (in a v shape)

  • Ring push ups (using gym rings)

  • Straight bar push ups

  • Archer push ups (wide hands up, over and down)

  • Typewriter push ups (sliding side to side)

  • Narrow / wide / diamond / sudo / planch (different hand positions)

  • Hindu push ups

  • Clapping push ups

  • Weighted or banded push ups (adding weight)

All exercises are scaleable and using resistance bands to assist you, changing the angle of the exercise or adding weight to increase how much strength is involved. With the right guidance, learning about form, posture and positioning you can increase your strength safely while conditioning your whole body.

Calisthenics can be likened to gymnastics or yoga as has several similarities and skills. There are also lots of cross overs with Pilates.

If you have no idea of where to start meeting other people with the same interests is always good and being guided. If you are stuck with certain skills a regular workshop once a month will give you ideas and tips for you to go away and practice at home ready to come back to learn more. With the opportunity to work 121 as well with one of the coaches. The workshops will include mobility, a range of exercises including a strength building section in every workshop, a skills section and stretching to finish.

Each workshop will include the fundamental elements of calisthenics but have a slightly different focus so you are always learning something new and building strength no matter of your level. A maximum of 12 spaces are available so you can have a good amount of attention. Bunny and/or Martin will take you through a structured class and leave you feeling stronger than you did before.

Martin is a level 3 Personal Trainer specialising in bodyweight training and Bunny is a qualified Calisthenics Coach and together we share our knowledge and experience with you. @bunny_calisthenics @mart_movement You can book your space

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