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7 Yoga Class Tools & Props

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Class Tools And Props

Different yoga tools and props can be used to enhance your overall class experience and make it possible for beginners to be able to practice correct alignment and help you come into the fuller expression of the pose safely. Offering props in your classes will be appreciated for different levels of students. The majority of group classes will consist of a mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students. To address all these different levels in classes, I offer you to use props as modifications for the best way to achieve this. Props can also useful for advanced students to help them further their practice and advance poses. 1. Yoga Mat Yoga mats can come in different sizes, colors, and thickness. Standard yoga mats are 4-6mm, and thicker mats can come in 6mm and up. For new students or students with knee issues, a thicker mat or a kneeling pad can be a better choice because the extra cushion can be more comfortable for the knees. Sometimes an extra mat can be rolled up and placed under the knees or hips for support. I always put two standard mats on top of each other to create more cushion.Then I separate them when I need more balance. 2. Yoga Towel Non-skid yoga towels can be placed on top of a yoga mat. Typically, yoga towels are the same length and size as standard yoga mats so they can cover the entire length of the mat. I love to use these under my mat in classes to throw them straight in the wash for hygiene. 3. Bolster A yoga bolster is a firm long pillow that is commonly used in restorative. The purpose of a bolster is to aid in relaxation and in creating an openness in the body. A bolster can be placed under the sit bones, lower back, or knees to assist in opening or further relaxation. I find them super useful to sit on and also lean against. 4. Blanket A yoga blanket can be used similarly as a bolster allowing support and extra cushion for the hips, underneath the knees, sit bones, and lower back. It also is can be used for a head pillow or to drape over you in Savasana. 5. Strap A strap is a useful tool that can be used at any level. They are a good tool in helping with alignment, flexibility, and posture. For students who are new to yoga or are not as flexible, a strap can help them increase their range of motion. They are great to help when your hands may slip when clasped. 6. Block(s) A block is a very useful prop that can be used in yoga classes for any level. They are used to help teach alignment and to help avoid too much stress. Blocks can also be used to help increase flexibility and aid balance and help you to come into the full expression of the pose. 7. Eye Pillow Eye pillows are small bags filled with seeds, beans, or other natural fillings. The outer layer of eye pillows is typically made from cloth or silk and can often have a lavender scent, but can also be scented or unscented depending on how they are made. Eye pillows are used at the end of class during final relaxation and are a great way to block out light and create a soft weight for the eyes.

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