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Gifts to buy a Yogi

Do you have a Yoga fanatic in your life but no idea what to buy them.

Here are a selection of items any Yogi would love ❤️

Yoga mat spray
Yoga mat spray

Yoga Mat Spray

This mat spray was bought for me as a gift and it truly is something I love. Smells divine and spritz‘s my mat up with a fresh smell.

This brand is from but I’m sure there are many brands available.


Home made eye mask
Home made eye mask

Make an Eye Mask

Simple to make and fill it with rice. Use what ever material you have and scent with any essential oils you want. Homemade gifts are always the nicest. A nice way to scent the eye mask is use lavender essential oil.

If sewing isn’t your thing then you can always buy one.

A lovely gift for a Yogi.


Yoga gift voucher
Yoga gift voucher for some 'ME' time

A gift voucher to an event or 121 special session. If your Yogi has a regular class already and all the kit they need a voucher for a live event or workshop is a great gift.


You could choose T-Shirts, stickers, notepad, hoodies, phone cases, clocks and even bedding. Something for every one.


Yoga Blanket - seemless

A Yoga blanket can be a wonderful addition to the kit for Yogi's. I love these ones from as they are heavy and can be folded small, they don't slip when folded and used as props so useful for supports in shoulder stands without the worry it may slide. In relaxation folded into a head pillow and nice to drape over you as nice and heavy to help with the feeling of grounding.


Buy a Yoga mat
Buy a Yoga mat

A Yoga mat is a very personal item, it is like buying a car. Maybe you have a cheap run around or choose to have something a bit more luxury that you know will last. In my years practicing Yoga I have been through many different mats and it has taken me a long time to work out what works.

My wide warrior mat is one of my favourites currently as gives you more room to move around. Some higher end brands:

(these mats last a lifetime and are well worth the investment)


Some other ideas:


Yoga strap or belt

Blocks or bricks

Meditation pillow

Yoga carry bag for mat or full kit bag

Yoga socks / Toe socks


Subscription for online Yoga / Pilates & Fitness
Subscription for online Yoga / Pilates & Fitness

A gift that will give repeating joy. A subscription of Pilates / Yoga & Fitness online including live weekly classes and 100's of recorded ones. Find out more about subscriptions.


Leggings for Yoga
Leggings for Yoga

Yoga leggings come in many styles, shapes, colours, lengths, thicknesses. If you are buying for someone else it can be tricky. A suggestion would be to look at what they have already and wear often. See if you can sneak a look at the size and also the length (a lot of brands have different leg lengths too). You can read my honest opinions of brands that I own here


Happy searching for your

perfect gift for your Yogi

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