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Have you ever blown up a ballon and leaked?

Do you ever leak when you blow out a candle or a dandelion?

And how are you at blowing up balloons?


All things that we take for granted.

But did you know that 1 in 3 women have pelvic floor dysfunction?

Blowing can create intra abdominal pressure and then where does it go? Down!

Core strength and pelvic floor strength are things that unless you have experienced leaking, an injury, prolapse, back problems, menopause or general weaknesses you may not have thought about. Plus much more.

Time to think about YOU.

It’s not OK to leak.

It’s not ok to have back pain related to core strength.

It’s not ok to have any of these issues.

I’m passionate about helping women regain their strength safely.

Yes you might see me hanging upside on @movementbunny BUT do you know my warm up for those exercises are core strength. Breath work. Stability exercises and mobility.

If you have any issues. Ask away. Don’t be embarrassed.

1 in 3 people that like this post are going to have issues.

Tell me….. I can help you live a better life.

Next Pelvic floor and core mini workshop is on 5th Feb in Longparish.

You can book on or link in bio.

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