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The Little Buddha

“Once upon a time, there was a Little Buddha who lived in a faraway land. His home was a flat stone under a big old Bodhi tree and, as you might imagine, the Little Buddha did what all Little Buddhas do: he meditated all day long.

While in meditation he breathed deeply, in and out, without thinking about anything in particular.

His heart beat peacefully and his whole body was still. Sometimes he would watch the clouds during his meditations, the way they would slowly roll by, but most of the time he had his eyes closed and only listened to the sounds of the invisible wind. He even spent the nights like this.

The Little Buddha enjoyed meditating and he also loved the peaceful spot under the big old Bodhi tree. Yet, at the same time, he also felt that something was missing in his life. Something very important; something that neither the clouds in the sky nor the trees on the ground were able to give him. Something that couldn't be replaced by anything, something that everybody needed in order to live happily. For quite a while he had been trying desperately to live without this something, but

all his attempts had failed miserably. Even his calm breathing, which was usually the answer to every problem, could not help him. What the Little Buddha was missing was contact with other people. Most of the time he was completely alone.

He only had one friend, a farmer who lived about an hour's walk away.

But the farmer was a very busy man; from dawn to dusk he had to work on his fields. And apart from the farmer, there was no-one else who came to visit him under his tree.

Of course, there were also many moments when the Little Buddha enjoyed being alone. But all the time? Every day, every night, always alone? No, even for him that was too much solitude. After all, the Little

Buddha was a human being like everybody else, and there is nobody in the whole wide world who enjoys being alone all the time.”

Just picked up this little gem when out shopping. Above is the first page.

Really struck a cord for me….

Alone. But how much?



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