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Fight or flight breaks us

Do you know how easy things can creep up on you? This time last year I was four weeks away from having a breakdown. Coronavirus took a real toll on my business, my family, my mental health, and my general well-being.

Being trapped.

Worrying about my family.

Learning to salvage my business.

Learn about new technology.

Worrying about income.

Constantly adapt everyday.

No control.

Stay positive for others.

Run a house.


Cancer scare.

Hormones racing.

Anxiety on another scale.

What had to give? My self care. It suffered. So I suffered.

I had no time to look after myself. Do the things I needed.

We can live in fight or flight for short times but not months and months on end.

I gave.

I collapsed.

I got forced to stop.

I cried A LOT for days.

I stayed in bed.

I shut myself away.

I didn’t tell anyone close to me.

I rang the Samaritans.

I lost my temper.

I shouted.

I punched a hole in my desk.

Family noticed I was hiding.

I finally asked for help.

They helped.

I had time to heal.

To reflect.

To stop.

This isn’t a cry for help. It’s for you to understand how important YOU is.

It’s for you to understand the importance of taking time for yourself.







I’m strong. Physically and mentally. But even strong people break. I’m not ashamed to talk about or what happened. At the time we were looked down with schools closed and no help. There was no way out.

Weeks on end.

I urge you to read this and know that you need to look after YOU first. How busy lives and fast pace can’t continue forever.

It’s about balance. Everyone needs a bit of everything in their week.

What did I learn?

My ‘NO IS THE NEW YES’ happened.

Yoga is literally my saviour but struggling meant I sacrificed it. Never again.

1) Yoga Relieves Stress

2) Yoga Increases Empowerment

3) Yoga Improves Posture

4) Yoga Increases Clarity of Mind

5) Yoga Increases Focus

How has it helped you?

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Jan 15, 2022

You have played a big part, probably more than you realise, in helping me to maintain my self care. Before the challenges of the pandemic I wasn’t sure about yoga. Now I know I too NEED yoga in my life. So pleased you were strong enough to ask for help when you needed it. As you say, this last 2 years has challenged even the strongest of people. Hopefully we will be even stronger as a result and better at taking care of ourselves in the future.

Replying to

Sorry and only just seen this reply. I love this and know that together we can make healthier minds and bodies not only for us but for our children. Every day isn't plain sailing. But everyday is a chance to start again with good intentions. Stronger and better at taking care of ourselves is key x


Jo Gardener
Jo Gardener
Jan 15, 2022

You’re an inspiration Bunny, and you have shown me how I can look after me before I look after anyone else 🤗

Replying to

Hey Jo, Only just noticed your reply. And yes exactly. Self care is the 100% thing that needs to be focused on x

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