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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

It is important to hear client comments about Pilates and Yoga with Bunny. Here is your chance to read some testimonials and comments about ‘Pilates and Yoga with Bunny’. You can read more reviews on facebook page and Google Business .

“Why I love the Pilates Reformer People talk about someone ‘letting themselves go’, and that was definitely me when I stumbled on Bunny’s website last summer. After seven years of 12-hour days at a computer – fuelled by cake, coffee and Nutella on toast – I was well and truly overweight, and tired all the time. Lots needed to change, and as quickly as possible! But that’s the joy of the Pilates Reformer. The first session was an insight into just how much my muscles were suffering from lack of use, but by the second session I was already starting to feel stronger and more confident, and each week I was able to do more, bend/stretch/pull more, stand up straighter … By the end of week 10, I felt so much happier about my body image, and was throwing away clothes that were now falling off me; by week 20, I had another bundle to go to the charity shop; and I’m sure I’ll be able to repeat the process in another 10 weeks. If you’ve never used the Pilates Reformer before, the set-up can look a bit daunting. But the thing to bear in mind is that all those pulleys, bars and springs aren’t going anywhere unless you make them (and sometimes, frustratingly, you can’t). You’re the one in control. In return for a little effort (but definitely no pain), all those pulleys, bars and springs will help create a gratifyingly rapid change in the shape, strength and flexibility of your body, whatever your age. Personally, I plan to still be doing a weekly session when I’m 100!” Claire

“Bunny is the best Pilates teacher you can imagine. I have been attending her Over 50s class in Andover on a Wednesday morning for nearly a year now, and look forward to it every week. She is punctual and well organised. She gauges each exercise to allow us to maximise our potential without strain, so none of those pulled muscles, just greater strength and flexibility. Just what you need as the body ages. The lessons are so varied, you feel as if every part of your body is included, nothing is left out. It is always fun, lots of laughs and an easy environment. It keeps me feeling more vitalised all week. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.” Carolyn

“For someone who’s a bit self conscious the remote classes are just fab, the set times and the fact you know you’re with company, is way better than watching a video at anytime on your own, but you’re not constantly comparing or judging yourself against others… sad that we do that, but I’m really loving how these sessions work! There’s always options to accommodate all abilities and injuries and Bunny clearly explains everything whilst keeping things lighthearted and fun.” Emma

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“Approaching 60 next June I know how important my fitness is for keeping me going as long as possible without the need to frequent my GP. As a keen cyclist I am getting plenty of puff n grunt so by adding in Pilates and Yoga with a couple of Equipment sessions a month I am ticking all the boxes. I use the breathing exercises from yoga whilst cycling enabling me to embrace the hills. Stretching is an important part of my post cycle so I don’t suffer from stiffness. The relaxation has made me more aware/focused of what my body and mind is telling me. So I would highly recommend that you bring in yoga and pilates to your life. Namaste”. Jenny

“I contacted Bunny after been signed off work at 27 weeks pregnant with SPD. Bunny has a wealth of knowledge & experience, and helped me to continue to be as mobile as possible whilst teaching me valuable techniques. I returned to Bunny’s classes 8 weeks after having my son, & I am always impressed that no 2 classes are ever the same.” Louise

“Bunny is such a great teacher. She loves Yoga and that really comes across when she teaches. Definitely try her classes” Kate

“Great class that can cater for mixed abilities. Like the way Bunny explains the movements and the effect it should be having. Friendly bunch of people and classes are always relaxed and good humoured too. Bunny also gives some personal critiques during class – readjusting posture etc to benefit what you need as an individual. Definitely recommend!” Laura

“Always a great class. Varied and well planned with different pieces of equipment. Bunny also adapts the exercises for everyone so you can do more or less depending on ability. Always feel like I have worked hard and minor back pain has gone. Thoroughly recommend!!!!” Lesley

“I started Pilates with Bunny nine months ago as a total beginner – honestly, it’s the best decision I made for my core strength and flexibility. Bunny is an excellent instructor and each exercise is clearly explained and demonstrated. The classes are welcoming and friendly and small enough for Bunny to give everyone individual help when needed. She takes care to explain the benefits of each exercise and this makes us all concentrate even harder on getting them right. I thoroughly enjoy the classes and feel invigorated and relaxed after each one. I cant recommend Bunny highly enough.” Tracie

“Clear instruction and a warm welcoming atmosphere make these classes one of the best I’ve been too. I always walk taller after a session with Bunny.” Sarah

“Bunny’s classes are kept small so we all get individual attention when needed. She is brilliant at explaining and demonstrating the exercises and how to adapt them to our own individual levels.Each week I’ve learnt something new and have carefully progressed and strengthened more than I ever thought I could! The classes have a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and I leave each week feeling better.” Elaine

“The classes are calm, challenging and effective. The use of various pieces of equipment helps improve balance, control and focus. Bunny will always give you alternatives for moves which may be uncomfortable or physically difficult for you to carry out. I am glad I signed up to PwB as it is extremely enjoyable.” Carol

“I have been attending ‘Pilates with Bunny’ for 8 months now and have noticed such a difference to my posture and flexibility. I can reach things from the top shelf of the cupboard again, touch my toes and have noticed greater definition in my waist. One of things that Bunny asks you to do is to make a triangle shape with your hands and place on your pubic bone and hips to help you make sure you are standing correctly, when I first started I couldn’t do that but because now I am working the really deep muscles I am toning my body and although being overweight I am now able to do that. I have also noticed a difference to muscle tone in other parts of my body too.I cannot over emphasize how much I enjoy Bunny’s classes and how helpful and lovely Bunny is, as I say I am over weight and also have a problem with my shoulder but there is always different ways in which Bunny can adapt an exercise so that I can exercise all parts of my body.” Sandra

“ I started pilates with Bunny about 9 months ago. I started because I struggle with stiffness in my back and was recommended to try pilates. Bunny’s class has really made a difference to the pain and stiffness in my back, I rarely suffer with back pain now. I have increased my flexibility and fitness with bunny’s help. Bunny tailors the exercises in her class to any ability and is happy to throughly explain everything.” Charlotte.

“As a 50+ male ex-soldier I was always a bit dismissive of Pilates and the like. However, an injury and an increasingly stiff back convinced me to have a go. Needless to say and a little to my surprise I am a convert! My Pilates class is now an integral part of my weekly routine and has certainly improved my core strength and flexibility. Bunny is an outstanding teacher and is able to make you feel as if you are the only person in the class. I had gradually become fitter and more experienced, but she constantly freshens the content. I recommend her and Pilates to anyone looking to improve their flexibility, fitness and overall well being.” Allan

Pilates Large Equipment Studio

“I have recently started pilates with Bunny. I have never done pilates before and was unsure whether it would really be for me. Bunny was really helpful in getting me started quickly before I lost motivation! I am really enjoying attending the classes and look forward to each one knowing that each week we will be doing something different. Bunny explains the exercises very clearly and makes it easy to understand or ask questions if unsure. The class feels very, personal, welcoming and friendly. ” Rachel

“I love my Pilates class with Bunny. I am 71 and have suffered from lower back pain for 30 years. The NHS have stopped my treatment of regular steroid injections to save money, so I had to find and alternative. I have been very pleased with the results I have had from doing Pilates, my core stength has improved and my back pain is now managable without injections or painkillers. I will certainly continue with Bunny’s gentle class and with her encouragement I feel more confident I will see more improvement. Also the exercises have improved my balance, something I worried about as I got older. I certainly recommend Bunny’s classes.” Christine

“Having completed one term of Pilates with Bunny I wholeheartedly recommend these classes. Bunny is extremely professional in her approach to instructing – time is taken to induct new members into the class with Bunny carefully tailoring exercises to an individual’s needs and abilities. Whether you are a complete novice, intermediate or advanced Pilates practitioner these lessons will undoubtedly meet your requirements. The atmosphere in class is relaxed and fun, with Bunny giving very clear verbal instructions whilst demonstrating each position. Personal advice and support is given in a sensitive, friendly manner with Bunny skilfully managing her time between each member of the class. Pilates with Bunny both supplements and supports my martial arts training, I have Definitely felt an improvement in my core strength, which in turn is both aiding the management/ improving the condition of my old sporting injuries. I have signed up for the next term and will definitely be attending sessions in the future.” Ben

Pilates and Yoga with Bunny – Studio Shop

“An outstanding class- I feel like a new person. Bunny is a fantastic instructor. She really knows her stuff and is really clear. Her classes are easy to follow for beginners but if you’re more advanced or you’ve had an injury, she alters the exercise to suit your individual needs. If you need help or you’re not quite in the right position, she’s really good at spotting it and popping over for a quiet word, so I never feel like I’m the only one getting it wrong!!! There’s a really clear progression from week to week, and I have really noticed the benefits after just 4 classes. I leave every session feeling relaxed, refreshed and eager for the next one! A****** highly recommended.” Laura

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